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Our matching algorithm cares about your skills, not role titles. Set your salary, skills, preferences and we’ll match you with real jobs.

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Apply to jobs and track them instantly. See how many interview stages there are, get interview notifications and see your progress.


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Loads of reasons. Firstly, we’re end to end, you’ll be able to track all your roles within our platform and know exactly how well (or not well) you’re doing. We don’t allow recruiters to post jobs, meaning that the jobs you apply to are real and you don’t have to speak to lots of people before getting anywhere. The details we have about you help us match you with roles that you’ll actually want, helping you make decisions that are best for you. Finally, we care about culture. We’ll ensure to match you with companies that you’d actually want to work for, because it matters.

We recommend you try us, otherwise you’ll never truly know. But we built our platform to be slick, easy to use and most important effective. We want to ensure your job search is fun and stress free and paramount to that is you actually landing contracts that you want.

Once you sign up, you’ll see jobs that best match to your skills based on the details you give us. This will be based on what companies are looking for across their open roles.

Some questions are impossible to answer. What we can say is that we will ensure that you land a contract that’s right for you, as fast as it is possible- with no extra steps or nuances.

We don’t discriminate, we let all companies post jobs (start-ups, medium to large organisations), however we believe in culture. We will ensure that only companies with a defined and decent culture live on our site, those poorly rated or ones that give us reason to question will be removed.

You can get in touch with us by dropping us a note waitlist@onfriday.co.uk and we’ll back to you with the speed of light, well as soon as we can.

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