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Oh my goodness me…or words to that effect, was our response when we opened up our first delivery of fire hose bags from James at Elvis & Kresse. It was at that point, even with all the trials and tribulations of setting up the business, we realised life was good…really good! How could a fire hose become a thing of such amazing beauty?

Elvis & Kresse tick every box going. The coolest of brands, (ask Cameron Diaz and American Vogue), the best of cutting edge design and the greenest of credentials. 

Elvis & Kresse are constantly thinking about waste. The instant they met the London Fire Brigade back in 2005, they fell in love with their old hose. And they didn’t stop there. They now collect fire hoses right across the UK, in fact 45 tonnes of it so far and counting.

They scrub away all the soot, grease and everything else that builds up after 25 years of active duty and in the process reveal a truly remarkable, truly green textile.

All of Elvis & Kresse’s products have the environment at their core – industrial waste is the cornerstone of their brand. Every product is made from reclaimed materials that were otherwise on their way to landfill. So, in addition to the genuine decommissioned fire hoses, they also use other textiles including old office furniture, scrap sail cloth and waste parachute silk to line their bags.

Their environmental philosophy permeates the whole business – all of their packaging is reclaimed or recycled too. Even the protective dust bag that your bag arrives in is made out of reclaimed parachute silk.

And they are always on the look out for more waste, so if you know of anyone who has any spare hose (that’s hose, not Os – you’ll need to be over 40 to get that one!) then get in touch with us and we’ll pass the message on.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, by buying one of Elvis & Kresse’s fire hose bags, you’ll be making a difference in lots of other ways too. They currently donate 50% of their profits to the Fire Fighters Charity and are supporting two coffee grower initiatives, one to build a spent domestic water filtration system at Jesus Maria in Nicaragua and the other to construct accommodation, kitchens and lavatories at Santa Ana La Huerta in Guatemala.

So, would you agree? Life is good…really good.

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