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We have to admit, we stumbled upon Feuerwear purely by chance during one of our long and often fruitless Google searches. They must have remained just below our radar due to the fact they’re based over in Germany and at the moment we can’t find anyone here in the UK selling their bags. We’re pleased our persistence finally paid off because the guys at Feuerwear are a bit special. Give them an old fire hose and watch them go…

Every Feuerwear bag is a one-of-a-kind piece that has its own individual story to tell. Their bags are all made from reclaimed fire hose that's seen years of active duty in the German fire service. By the time they have found their way to the Feuewear team each fire hose has helped to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives.  The reclaimed hoses can be either red or white and have a black rubber lining. Each hose is thoroughly cleaned before being cut to size and handcrafted using high-quality materials. The whole process requires high levels of skill and dexterity as well as some pretty sturdy machines capable of sewing such a tough material.  Each hose bears the unique traces of its individual past meaning that every Feuerwear fire hose bag is unique in its colour and markings.

Behind the Feuerwear label are brothers Martin and Robert Klüsener. Martin is a textile engineer and responsible for design and production, whilst Robert heads up the marketing and distribution.

The story started back in 2005 when Martin wrote his final year dissertation on the founding of a bag label and then promptly founded his own bag label.  His goal was to recycle old, disused material and in doing so help the environment. After several attempts with jute bags and canvas sails, he began producing bags and accessories using recycled firefighting hose, working in the basement of his parents' house.

Today Feuerwear has grown into a successful company committed to producing great products that have little or no negative impact on the environment. Their concept is based on their mission to recycle material and create green, eco friendly fashion. They are also big supporters of the modern lifestyle known to many as LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). As a business they also off-set their transport carbon emissions and keep their production within Europe, working with small family-run organisations.

Feuerwear products are now sold in more than 80 shops in 11 countries on 3 continents. And now, finally, their great fire hose bags are in the UK thanks to onfriday! Definitely worth all that searching.

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