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…as an onfriday friend

Tell us what you think about our bags, how we can do things differently or better, what we’re not doing but perhaps should and also what you love about onfriday too! Sign up for our e-newsletter, e-mail us or join us on Facebook where you’ll be able to help us decide what designers we showcase, what bags we sell and what good causes we support. You’ll also be the first to hear about our great offers, promotions and product launches too.

…as an onfriday champion

We’re looking for a group of people who love great design, love bags, love ethical, love the onfriday way of thinking and love talking about it! Marketing guru Seth Godin would call you an early adopter who also sneezes! You’re the type of person who is always in at the start, ahead of the curve and really passionate. And importantly, to be a sneezer, you also need to tell everyone (yes, everyone) about it. In return, we’ll give you some great freebies and also offer you big discounts. So if you’re interested please e-mail us.

…as an onfriday designer, craftsperson or supplier   

We’re always on the lookout for great designers and suppliers who share our philosophy however there will always be a limit to our searching capabilities. We have no doubt many will never appear on our radar however hard we try and that concerns us. So, please get in touch if you would like us to stock and showcase your bags. You’ll need to demonstrate your green and/or fair trade credentials through the materials you use, your production process and your supply chain. E-mail us with your details and we’ll get in touch.

…if you work in a College or University

This is something for the future, but please do get in touch now and tell us what you think. In a past life, we’ve been involved in work-based projects, placements and final year dissertations and we’re determined that onfriday plays its part in the nurturing of young talent. As we grow we would like to develop rewarding and meaningful partnerships with a number of colleges and universities and explore ways in which we can add value to your curriculum and the student learning experience.

…if you’re a student or recent graduate

Again, this is something for the future. Getting a foot in the door can be really difficult at the start of your career. Finding valuable and rewarding placements, work-based projects and internships can be tough. We know young talent will keep us fresh and on our toes so in the future we’ll be working up some opportunities for you to get involved. We’ll probably use Facebook to throw around some initial ideas so make sure you’re part of our Facebook gang!

…as a member of the onfriday team

We’re small at the moment but we don’t want to stay that way for too long. As we grow, we’ll be looking for very special people to join us – people who share our values, are passionate about life and are very, very good at what they do! Get involved in Facebook, drop into our blog every now and then or sign up to our e-newsletter and we guarantee you’ll get to hear about every opportunity as it arises.

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