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Gift Wishlists

Have you got a birthday coming up? Or perhaps Christmas is just around the corner. If so, then our very special onfriday Gift Wishlist could be just what you're looking for! You can wave goodbye to those 'almost useful' or 'so not me' presents that, lets admit it, we all receive at some stage during our lives! With our wishlist, you choose your present and your friends and family all chip in to foot the bill! Cool.

Elvis & kresse one night bag

Here’s how it works...

  • You choose a bag that you would like to receive as a gift
  • We’ll then help you create your very own personalised Gift Wishlist page which will display a picture and a description of your chosen bag, a welcome message from you to all your friends and family, your contribution target and your deadline date
  • When you have set up your page, you’ll have the opportunity to send an email to everyone you think would like to make a contribution
  • This email will contain a link which will take your friends and family straight to your Gift Wishlist page where they will be able to make a contribution and leave a message for you
  • Once you've reached your target or your deadline date (whichever comes first), your wishlist automatically closes. You can then convert your donations into credit and start shopping! 

So, when you’re ready, this is what you’ll need to do…

  • Either log in to your account or Register
  • Have a browse in the shop and choose your bag by clicking the 'Add this to my Wishlist' button 
  • This will take you to your Wishlist page where you can name your campaign, add or edit your 'welcome' message and set the target deadline date. At this point, you’ll also be asked to accept the terms and conditions (see below)
  • You're now ready to click ‘Contact my Friends and Family’ where you can add all their email addresses
  • To make it as easy as possible, we have created some standard email text however you’ll have the option to edit this text if you want so it’s a bit more personal to you. When you're happy with the text, click the Send button

As the days go by you can check how your total contributions are growing and have a look at all the messages from friends and family at any time simply by logging in to your account and clicking ‘Your Gift Wishlists’.

Once your target has been reached or your deadline date has arrived (whichever comes first), your wishlist automatically closes. You can then convert all the donations into credit in your account and then hit the shop! Purely for nostalgic sentimentality, once your Gift Wishlist has closed you will still be able to view all those lovely messages whenever you log into your account!


Gift Wishlist Terms and Conditions

These are the really important things you need to know about the Gift Wishlist so please take some time to have a read through…

  • The onfriday Gift Wishlist is designed for a one bag purchase – it is not like Amazon where you choose a range of products and your friends and family buy individual, separate items for you. However you can create more than one Gift Wishlist
  • In order to ensure you receive your bag in time for your special occasion, your target deadline date should be set no less than 7 working days before you want to take delivery. Your actual purchase must happen no less than 6 working days before you want to take delivery
  • When you have reached your contribution target or your deadline date (whichever happens first), your wishlist will automatically close and no further donations can be accepted. 
  • Once your gift wishlist has closed you will need to click 'END' in 'Your Gift Wishlists' in order to convert your donations into credit
  • Once you have converted your donations into credit you can purchase your bag in the on-line shop
If you do not reach your contribution target by the deadline date, do not fear - you'll have 2 options
  1. We'll credit your account with the total amount raised and then you can make your own top-up contribution in order to buy your chosen wishlist bag. Top-up is made at checkout using your debit/credit card
  2. If you'd prefer not to make your own top-up contribution, we'll still credit your account with the total amount raised and then you can choose a different bag to the value of your credit or less. Any remaining balance will stay in your account until it's been fully redeemed
  • If any product purchased through the Gift Wishlist is subsequently exchanged for a product of a lower price or a refund, any money owing will be added as credit to your onfriday account
  • If for any reason you have not spent your Gift Wishlist credit within 24 months any remaining credit balance will be cancelled
  • Gift Wishlist credit cannot be exchanged for cash

And the really stern stuff...

  • onfriday reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Gift Wishlist at any time and to take appropriate action, including the cancellation of any credit if, at its discretion, it deems such action necessary. This does not affect your legal rights

If you have any queries please feel free to drop us an email. Just click this link -