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The onfriday Thing

Do you look forward to Fridays? We thought you might, because we do too. We think it's the best day of the week - full of promise, anticipation and excitement. Fridays make us feel really good. It's a day we pack our bags and go...


Are you starting to think more about the effect your purchases have on the environment and the people who produce the things you buy? If so, you're part of a growing number of people who would like an alternative to our fast-fashion, materialist society. But the alternative needs to be a credible and appealing one and that's why we only source and showcase the very best upcycled, recycled and fairly traded bags from designers and suppliers who share our values and who believe that it is possible to adopt a more ethical way of life without having to compromise on quality or design. 

onfriday is all about supporting and creating innovative, sustainable and design-led solutions that help to address some of today's most pressing social and environmental challenges. Every bag within our onfriday range has already made a difference by either reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill or improving the lives of people in greatest need. A bag you can be proud of. And they're pretty cool too. We don't advocate buying loads, just buying well. Some might say this approach doesn't make good business sense. We don't agree, we think it makes every bit of sense. Great design (and a great business) doesn't have to cost the earth... 

We really don’t like high horses or soap boxes and we’re certainly not in-your-face ethical preacher people. All that stuff just turns us off. But we would like to see a more just and fair world. And a planet with a bright future too. We also happen to love great cutting edge design and really want to help support some of the most talented and exciting designers involved in ethical fashion today. And it's this combination that gives us our 'reason to be'. We really hope it strikes a chord with you too.  

We hope you enjoy having a look around the website, getting to know our designers and reading all about the stories behind our onfriday bags.

Happy mooching!