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Elvis and Kresse - iPhone Case in Yellow EK061

Perhaps the coolest upcycled iPhone case on the market today! Made from genuine de-commissioned fire hose, it's extremely hard wearing and will offer the ultimate protection for your iPhone. The hose itself is vintage and has already seen 25 years of active service fighting fires and saving lives.





Fire hose



12.5cm x 7.5cm

  • Exterior in yellow, made from genuine British fire hose
  • Lining is made from the softest reclaimed parachute silk ensuring your delicate screen stays protected and scratch-free
  • Innovative ribbon pull makes accessing your iPhone really easy
  • Fire hose is wipe-clean and water resistant
  • Suitable for iPhone 3, 3GS and 4 and the Nokia E17 (you will need to remove any existing case)

All of Elvis & Kresse’s bags and accessories have the environment at their core – industrial waste is the cornerstone of their brand. All their products are made from genuinely de-commissioned British fire hose that would otherwise have found its way into landfill. They scrub away all the soot, grease and everything else that builds up after 25 years of active duty and in the process reveal a truly remarkable, truly green textile.


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Iphone 4 yellow



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